HK Public Broadcaster’s Interview with HKHTC’s Holocaust survivor guest Henry Friedman

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Holocaust survivor Mr Henry Friedman, our in-house guest during the period of May 20-23, was invited by host Rosie Duffield of RTHK to share his harrowing experience living through the Holocaust in a 60-minute interview. Growing up in Poland, Mr Friedman and his family were quickly swept up by the cruel events punctuating World War Two. With the help of two Ukrainian families, the family was hidden in a space the size of a queen-sized mattress for 18 months. Nothing was easy during that time.

The courage of these Ukrainian families—and so many others like them—lends us critical lessons and stories that should inspire us to live better and treat all people with dignity. The RTHK Radio 3 interview on May 22 can be listened here.