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Eyeglass slide copyright: United States Holocaust Memorial Museum, Taken on Sunday, October 14, 1945, Auschwitz, (Upper Silesia) Poland.
Credit: United States Holocaust Memorial Museum, American Red Cross, Bildarchiv Preussischer Kulturbesitz, Yad Vashem Photo Archives, courtesy of  Phillip Vock

“The views or opinions expressed in this website, and the context in which the images are used, do not necessarily reflect the views or policy of, nor imply approval or endorsement by, the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum”

“Countless pairs of eyeglasses  glaring at the glass panes encasing them” […] “I can see only the hollow lenses staring at a shadowless space” from a poem by Yasi 也斯 (Leung Ping-kwan)

Cambodian Genocide slide: S21 Jail under the regime of Pol Pot: Copyright: jjuncadella / 123RF Stock Photo

Nanjing Massacre slide: Editorial credit: CHEN WS / Shutterstock, Inc.