December 2014 HKHTC Film Festival Outreach Project (in affiliation with HJKFF)

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Following the success of the past two years, we are excited to announce another year’s partnership with the Hong Kong Jewish Film Festival. This December, we are pleased to offer a wider selection of three films for screening at your school, two of which deal with the Holocaust specifically and the events of the Second World War more broadly, and one of which treats issues of racism and prejudice. We invite you to view the films’ trailers below by clicking on each title:

1) Run Boy Run (German with English and Chinese subtitles, 102 minutes) tells the extraordinary true story of a Polish boy’s solitary struggle to outlast the Nazi occupation and keep alive his Jewish faith. Suggested age group: Years 8-10 (ages 13-16).

2) Secrets of War (Dutch with English subtitles, 93 minutes) tells the gripping story of two boys whose friendship is tested by the secrets World War II brings to their village in South Limburg. Suggested age group: Years 7-9 (ages 12-15).

3) 24 Days (French with English and Chinese subtitles, 110 minutes) tells the true, harrowing account of the month-long kidnapping of 23-year-old Ilan Halimi, whose case prompted a massive police manhunt and eventually a national outcry against antisemitism in France. Suggested age group: Years 12-13 (ages 17-18).

This year, all three films will be available to screen throughout the month of December—at a time suitable for you. As in the past, we are happy to offer a workshop or post-screening discussion at your school, led by one of our educators.
For more details and to book a screening, contact Simon Goldberg at

Dr Erez Pery, scholar and director of The Interrogation, visits Hong Kong

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In November 2016, HKHTC partnered with the Hong Kong Jewish Film Festival (HKJFF) to organize a visit to Hong Kong by Dr Erez Pery, both a scholar and the director of the award-winning film The Interrogation, which explores the life of Rudolf Franz Ferdinand Höss, the longest serving commander of Auschwitz concentration camp who was awaiting trial in a Polish prison. Dr Pery spoke to the audience, which included high school and college students, as well as local journalists, in an HKHTC-sponsored post-screening talk.

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