Director of Education Speaks at CUHK

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On the 20th October, HKHTC’s Director of Education, Ben Freeman, addressed 1500 students at Chinese University of Hong Kong.

Ben spoke for an hour about the history of the Holocaust and screened his documentary, shot in 2012 in Poland, Romania & Ukraine. The students saw modern footage of the Nazi’s death camps and heard directly from Holocaust survivors.

The students were given the opportunity to put questions to Ben and asked about the dangers of labelling and stereotyping, as well as asking how important dialogue is to combating prejudice.

Ben remarked ‘it is so important to learn the lessons of the past to create a better tomorrow, we are engaged in a fight against prejudice and we must not lose, there is too much at stake. We are all capable of fighting bigotry in our own corner of the world and we have a responsibility to do so.’