Dov Landau speaks at the Asia Society

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Dov Landau, Holocaust survivor from Israel, spoke to 300 people at Asia Society on 1st February 2016 as part of his Holocaust Memorial Day tour of Hong Kong. He spoke wth Asia Society HK President Chairman Ronnie Chan and Josette Sheeran, President & CEO of Asia Society about his harrowing experiences in the Nazi concentration and death camps.

He shared his hopes for the future, expressing how important it is for every person to combat prejudice wherever they may find it.

There were also 120 students present from a variety of local schools & universities, some students even traveled all the way from mainland China to hear Dov speak.

Hannah Lessing’s Visit: Book Presentation and Discussion of Memories – Lifestories of Victims of National Socialism

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Since 2011, the Austrian National Fund of the Republic of Austria for Victims of National Socialism has published the book series: “Lives Remembered. Life Stories of Victims of National Socialism”. With this, the National Fund has aimed to contribute to the collective memory of Austria and preserve these memories as a reminder and as a beacon of hope for future generations. More than 35.000 books of the first three editions were disseminated among schools all over Austria. The fourth edition of the series to be presented in Hong Kong as a premiere deals with the life stories of survivors who were exiled in Asia. The book, 800 pages long, documents 23 life stories of persons who have settled temporarily or permanently in China (Shanghai, Hong Kong, Beijing), India, Myanmar, Vietnam, Indonesia, Thailand und the Philippines.

This world premiere focused on the importance of recording testimonies in general and we were honoured Dr Emilie Tran and Dr Glenn Timmermans agreed to speak on the panel alongside Hannah Lessing, Secretary General of the Austrian National Fund. Ben Freeman, Director of Education at the Hong Kong Holocaust & Tolerance Centre moderated the panel discussion. Dr Trans fled Cambodia to France following the Cambodian genocide & Dr Timmermans is an expert on the history of anti-Semitism and the Holocaust.

To learn more about the Austrian National Fund’s Life Stories series please visit  this link.

Hannah Lessing, Secretary General of the National Fund of the Republic of Austria and of the General Settlement Fund for Victims of National Socialism, visits Hong Kong

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In partnership with the Austrian Consulate General in Hong Kong we were delighted to welcome Hannah Lessing, Secretary General of the National Fund of the Republic of Austria and of the General Settlement Fund for Victims of National Socialism, to Hong Kong from Monday 23rd to Friday 27th November 2015.

Hannah spoke at universities in Hong Kong and Macao discussing art restitituion and also speak at an open event at the Asia Society (tickets will go on sale soon).

If you missed Hannah’s talk at the Asia Socity visit this link to watch it in full visit this link.

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