Humanity House Director and HKHTC Director Discussed Peace Education in East Asia

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In May 2017, HKHTC Director of Education Simon Li and the Director of the Humanity House Ms Lisette Mattaar had a fruitful meeting in The Hague to discuss peace education in East Asia and the prospects of collaboration on multiple educational projects between HKHTC and the Humanity House.

The Humanity House is a museum that was founded in 2010 that provides a unique experience for visitors to explore what it’s like to live through a conflict or disaster as well as prominent related themes through contemporary exhibitions. In addition, the museum provides various educational programmes as well as public lectures and discussions to raise awareness on the importance of humanitarian themes which include but are not limited to the freedom of speech, security of food and human rights. The museum also acts as a platform for organisations, agencies and individuals to discuss and debate on humanitarian themes.

Holocaust Workshops at Nord Anglia International School

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On June 22, Director of Education Simon Li was invited by Nord Anglia International School to deliver two workshops on the Holocaust towards all Year 9 students. The workshops examined the Holocaust through its victims, perpetrators and bystanders. The sessions also shed light on the rescuers in the Holocaust, while sharing with students how one person can make a difference and have a substantive impact on the lives of many.

HK Public Broadcaster’s Interview with HKHTC’s Holocaust survivor guest Henry Friedman

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Holocaust survivor Mr Henry Friedman, our in-house guest during the period of May 20-23, was invited by host Rosie Duffield of RTHK to share his harrowing experience living through the Holocaust in a 60-minute interview. Growing up in Poland, Mr Friedman and his family were quickly swept up by the cruel events punctuating World War Two. With the help of two Ukrainian families, the family was hidden in a space the size of a queen-sized mattress for 18 months. Nothing was easy during that time.

The courage of these Ukrainian families—and so many others like them—lends us critical lessons and stories that should inspire us to live better and treat all people with dignity. The RTHK Radio 3 interview on May 22 can be listened here.

Director of Education Simon Li Discussed Educational Matters at the International Court of Justice

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HKHTC was invited to attend International Court of Justice (ICJ) events at The Hague this May. During his ICJ visit, Director of Education Simon Li met and discussed educational matters with Dutch officials.

Harbour School’s Grade 6 Students Visited HKHTC

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Harbour School’s Grade 6 students visited our Resource Centre in Shau Kei Wan on June 5, 2017. Director of Education Simon Li gave all students a workshop which explored the Holocaust through the stories of the victims, perpetrators and bystanders. The workshop helped students to have a further understanding of the worst crime in history.

Holocaust Survivor Henry Friedman Spoke at Local Schools in Hong Kong

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In May 2017, the HKHTC arranged for Holocaust survivor Mr Henry Friedman to address the local schools in Hong Kong. Accompanied by HKHTC Director of Education Simon Li, the 89-year-old Polish survivor spoke about how he lived through an incredible journey that saw his early life nearly destroyed by the Holocaust. Surviving with the help of two Ukrainian families in Poland, his family hid in a tiny space the size of a queen-size bed for 18 months. The courage of Henry’s saviours– and so many others like them– offers many of our local Hong Kong students critical lessons and stories that should inspire us to live better and treat all people with dignity. Mr Friedman’s message was “One person CAN make a difference.”

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