January 27th, 2013 – Music from the Ashes: A United Nations Commemoration Concert

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To commemorate the United Nations Holocaust Memorial Day the HKHTC held a memorial concert titled “Music from the Ashes” at the Hong Kong Academy of Performing Arts. The concert featured musicians from Hong Kong, the United States and Israel who played music composed by eminent Jewish composers who perished in Nazi concentration and death camps. The leading musician was by the Professor Allan Sternfield of the Jerusalem Academy of Music and Dance. Over 400 people attended the concert, including Consul Generals, local dignitaries as well as a diverse cross selection of the Hong Kong public.

November 13-27, 2012: Hong Kong Jewish Film Festival

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As part of the Hong Kong Jewish film festival, we screened two films, the “Heart Of Auschwitz” and “The Last flight of Petr Ginz,” to more than 700 local school children at more than 11 different schools. These events enabled students to learn about aspects of the Holocaust in a unique and engaging manner. We supplied speakers to introduce the films and run question and answer sessions afterwards.

Nov 2011 HK Jewish Film festival school screenings

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We took the film Hana and her Suitacase around 13 schools in Hong Kong for special screenings that were presented by her brother George.The film enthralled students and along with the presentation by her brother, it proved to be a highly effective medium for Holocaust education.

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