On May 13th, HKHTC premiered Watchers of the Sky in Hong Kong:

WATCHERS OF THE SKY interweaves four stories of remarkable courage, compassion, and determination, while setting out to uncover the forgotten life of Raphael Lemkin – the man who created the word “genocide,” and believed the law could protect the world from mass atrocities. Inspired by Samantha Power’s Pulitzer Prize-winning book, A Problem From Hell, WATCHERS OF THE SKY takes you on a provocative journey from Nuremberg to The Hague, from Bosnia to Darfur, from criminality to justice, and from apathy to action.

The film screening was followed by a panel discussion with the following three speakers:

-Kerry Propper, Producer, Watchers of the Sky (and Voices of Rwanda)

-Dr Khamboly Dy, Head of Cambodia’s Genocide Education Project

-Dr Mark Kielsgard, Scholar of the Armenian Genocide at City University HK