This fall, HKHTC Director of Education Simon Li visited Creative Secondary School. Two classes of students from 13 – 14 years benefited from the HKHTC’s visit, which gave an informative, age-appropriate insight into the life of Jewish people before World War II and which presented the students with the most important terminology and vocabulary in both English and Cantonese. The talk also addressed China’s, and in particular Shanghai’s, role in providing refuge for many Jewish people.

After the talk, students’ feedback included: “It was amazing to hear how Shanghai was involved in World War II. I didn’t know!” and “The most inspiring thing for me was to see how one man, Sir Nicholas Winton, saved so many children from the Nazis. It is incredible to see what one man can do!” And a CSS teacher wrote, “A big thank you must go to the Hong Kong Holocaust and Tolerance Centre and in particular to Mr. Simon Li for the interesting and informative experience!”