HKHTC @ Hong Kong International Book Fair 2022

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On 21 July 2022, the Hong Kong Holocaust and Tolerance Centre presented a public lecture titled “Love in the Darkest Hours of the Holocaust” at the Hong Kong International Book Fair.

We are delighted that the special talk attracted a very diverse crowd, emphasizing the value and importance of HKHTC’s core message of tolerance and non-discrimination. The lecture was presented by HKHTC’s Executive Director Simon K. Li in Cantonese, enabling us to connect with many local community members, including those who learned about the Holocaust for the first time as a result of this event. HKHTC is grateful to the Consulate of Israel in Hong Kong & Macau for arranging the talk.

Love in the Darkest Hours of the Holocaust
猶太大屠殺歷史: 被遺忘的愛情故事

Simon K. Li (李家豪)
Executive Director, Hong Kong Holocaust and Tolerance Centre
Visiting Instructor, Yad Vashem



但為什麼要講述這些二戰猶太人被遺忘的 「愛」的故事呢?因為愛擁有重塑希望的力量—— 身兼以色列猶太大屠殺紀念館客席講師、美國哥倫比亞大學歷史對話與問責學人的「香港猶太大屠殺及寬容中心」行政總監李家豪將會與大家一起探索,愛是如何成為他們活下去的主因。