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Mr Micha Gelber was the keynote speaker at the moving United Nations Holocaust Memorial Day ceremony on January 23rd at the Sai Ying Pun Community Complex. Local media provided extensive coverage of Micha’s visit and the moving UNHMD 2017 ceremony, including this Hong Kong Economic Journal article.

SCMP Young Post’s coverage of Holocaust survivor Micha Gelber’s school talks in January 2017

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In the beginning of 2017, the HKHTC have had wonderful press coverage for the visit of Dutch Holocaust survivor Micha Gelber.

During his 9-day visit in Hong Kong in January, Mr Gelber toured 11 high schools and universities and addressed thousands of local and international students.

Please click here to read the SCMP Young Post full-page article.

RTHK Interview with HKHTC’s guest for the UN Holocaust Memorial Day 2017

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Holocaust survivor Mr Micha Gelber, our guest for the United Nations Holocaust Memorial Day 2017, has talked about his experiences of the various camps he was placed into during World War Two, and what this taught him about humanity on RTHK Radio 3 on January 19th. It can be listened here.

The Post Magazine’s coverage of HKHTC’s events with Nobuki Sugihara, son of Righteous Among the Nations

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We are delighted that our centre’s events with Mr Nobuki Sugihara, son of the Japanese diplomat who saved many Jewish lives, and his family’s heroic story during WWII are profiled in an in-depth article in the Post Magazine this weekend.

The 4-page feature story, which can be accessed here, is published in the 13 November 2016 edition of the Sunday Morning Post.


Sunday Ming Pao’s Coverage of Nobuki Sugihara’s Visit: 25 September 2016

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The HKHTC have had wonderful press coverage for the visit of Nobuki Sugihara, son of Righteous Among the Nations Chiune Sugihara. During his week-long visit in Hong Kong, Mr Sugihara toured 8 high schools and universities and addressed over 2000 students.

The Sunday edition of Ming Pao, a well-respected and widely-circulated Chinese daily, covered Mr Sugihara’s meeting with students from the Harrow International School Hong Kong at the venue of our centre’s “Asian Righteous Among the Nations” Exhibition on the University of Hong Kong campus. Please click here to read the Sunday Ming Pao feature article in Chinese.

Announcing the Winners: HKHTC’s 2015 Art & Writing Contest

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HKHTC is proud to announce the following student winners:

In the Visual Arts Category: Patrick Hawkey – Discovery College, for his sculpture illustrating Holocaust survivor Dan Pagis’ iconic poem, “Written in Pencil in the Sealed Railway Car”.

In the Performing Arts Category: Martha Chow and Wind Yuen – Sha Tin College, for their shadow dance commemorating the Armenian Genocide.

In the Writing Category: Juliet Leung – Heep Yunn School, for her creative short story on the Rwandan genocide.

We congratulate them as well as over 100 students from across 14 secondary schools in Hong Kong and Mainland China who participated in the 2015 Contest.

Khamboly Dy, Head of Cambodia’s Genocide Education Project, Tours HK Schools

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As our recent guest in Hong Kong, Khamboly Dy toured several schools and spoke to Year 9-13 students on the history of the Cambodian genocide. At each session, students had the opportunity to ask questions (addressing elements of the genocide, the ideology of the Khmer Rouge, post-genocide reconciliation, among others).

Dr Khamboly Dy has worked for the Documentation Center of Cambodia (DC-Cam) where he coordinated the Genocide Education Project. He is the author of the first book for high school students in Cambodia about the Cambodian genocide entitled A History of Democratic Kampuchea. His work on this book was acknowledged by both national and international media, including the National Public Radio (NPR). D​r ​Dy recently received his PhD from the Division of Global Affairs at Rutgers, Newark.

HKHTC Lecture at China’s Sun Yat-sen University

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On March 26, 2015, HKHTC’s Director of Education, Simon Goldberg delivered a lecture to some 50 undergraduates at China’s Sun Yat-sen University, entitled “Foreshadowing the Holocaust: Antisemitism in European History”. The lecture traced the origins and evolution of religious antisemitism in the Middle Ages, through the Crusades and the Spanish Inquisition. Simon also discussed the emergence of political anti-Semitism, and later, racial anti-Semitism in Europe.

A Q&A session with students followed, which focused mainly on the legacy of the Holocaust and issues around reconciliation.

HKIS Students Reflect on Sergeant Carrier’s Visit

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In a recent article for their school newspaper, HKIS students reflected on the visit of Sergeant Rick Carrier, liberator of Buchenwald and veteran of the Second World War, during which he addressed an estimated 800 students.

From their powerful words, it appears Sergeant Carrier’s account sensitized them not only to the power and importance of first-hand testimony, but also to the complexity of that time in history. We hope the students will continue on their quest to learn more about the events and processes of the Second World War and the Holocaust.

HKHTC Participates in Forum at Hong Kong University

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On Wednesday, January 28, HKHTC Director of Education, Simon Goldberg, delivered a talk at the “Talking Genocides” forum organized by the School of Modern Languages and Cultures at Hong Kong University to mark the 70th anniversary of the liberation of Auschwitz-Birkenau. 50 doctoral students and academics were in attendance.

Simon’s talk dealt with the scholary discourse on Holocaust representation and issues within the field of comparative genocide studies. Fellow panelist and moderator, Dr Roland Vogt of HKU’s Department of European Studies, addressed the role of the Holocaust in European political imagination and culture. Finally, Dr Facil Tesfaye of HKU’s African Studies Department discussed the role of census data/statistics in the 1994 Rwandan genocide, and its legacy for African politics and peacekeeping on the continent.

Dr Tesfaye’s new book, Statisques(s) et génocide au Rwanda: La genèse d’un système de catégorisation génocidaire, was also launched on this occasion.

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